We create Residential led masterplans and mixed-use schemes.

We can tailor our approach to suite your specific needs from identifying the site or the design concept through to managing a whole project, or we can provide support on a specific specialist task, complementing and supporting your existing management team.

The environment is a key consideration, we usually find our approach to sustainable developments exceed that of our partners’ requirements, be they work spaces, housing developments or simply great spaces everyone can enjoy.


Who do we work with:

  • Investors and developers to maximise returns
  • Local Authorities in creating visioning and masterplanning documents
  • Occupiers to ensure their space matches their requirements
  • Land owners to add value to their assets
  • JV Partners and co-investors
  • Contractors who require development support

Should you have a complex or under-used asset, contact us and see how we can help maximise your property opportunities.


The Team

The Studio HIVE team has worked together for over 20 years, which provides a significant depth of experience, a cohesive and creative team with a great work ethic.




Whilst we are hard-working experts, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy a fun working environment and relationship with all our partners.

The unity in the group and mutual understanding of the approach drives the team to secure strong results and returns.




What We Do

Studio_HIVE_buscards.indd Studio_HIVE_buscards.indd


Successful development begins with correct acquisition strategy.  Our team know our patch having been based here for a long time; we will always investigate the right approach and potential end solution prior to deciding on the acquisition strategy.

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Development Management

Development management is about combining vision with execution. Our vision is to create mixed-use, design-led developments that positively shape and transform their surrounding community and bring something new and fresh to the area.

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Project Management

It is crucial we manage your projects efficiently and deliver on your project requirements, that is why we take the time to understand you and your business and your specific project plan to enable our project management team understand your vision and objectives.

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Studio HIVE Architecture 03_Light grey Studio HIVE Architecture 03_Light grey

Architecture by Studio Hive

Given our inbuilt desire to impact on all aspects of the development process, it was never going to be too long before we got our felt pens out and stated scribbling.

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Our Partners

In the spring of 2016, a chance meeting with a mutual contact gave Studio HIVE and Atlas Land the opportunity to discuss shared interests and ambitions.

It became clear when we met that we shared common values and a desire to do something well; in fact a desire to do something better.







Atlas Land

Since 2016 we have worked in partnership with Atlas Land on a number of exciting urban developments, such as Dean Street Works and  Silverthorne Lane.