Irene is an architect from Spain. As Studio HIVE’s architectural assistant, Irene undertakes feasibility studies to come up with the optimal architectural outcome for projects.

She is both creative and realistic in the way she thinks about places. Architecture has allowed her to develop an understanding of the world and provided her with the tools to research and question how and why we shape the space around us.

Personal Achievements:

Irene has spent over two years overall undertaking different jobs related to architecture. She is dedicated, hard working and committed to seeing things to the best of her ability. She enjoys being part of a team and she is quick to learn. Her current studies have provided her with a competent skill set and they have also enhanced her ability to self-initiative and motivate herself.

Working with both clients and developers has allowed her to improve her understanding of the processes and challenges involved with architectural projects. Irene is extremely passionate about exploring themes that affect the daily lives of people and finding out how she might contribute to solving some of the pressing issues of the 21st century, be it climate change or social issues from over population, whilst maximising the opportunity to deliver well designed places and buildings.

She is particularly interested in residential architecture and the public spaces that surround it. Home is the place where people are going to spend most of their time and feel safe, make it theirs. Being able to contribute in that process and create high quality sustainable living spaces is what she’d love to focus on.

Irene has had the opportunity to go deep on this aspect extensively, both in her studies and professional experience. Studying and working in both Spain and the UK has been an enriching experience, learning the cultural and professional differences has made her more open minded and resourceful.

When she’s away from work, Irene enjoys socializing, she’s part of a running club but also enjoys quieter activities like reading, drawing or photography. One of her biggest interests is travelling. Irene has been lucky enough to travel to many cities across Europe, and her Erasmus year gave her the opportunity to meet people with a different background, which has built a great appreciation and understanding of different cultures.

These experiences have provided her with team work skills, organisational abilities to achieve deadlines, communication skills and managements skills to ensure the task or project is completed successfully.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Architectural Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Concept and Detailed Design
  • AutoCAD, Rhino and VRay
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign


2018 | Degree in Architecture (Best Academic Record), University of Alicante (Spain) 2016 | Erasmus, BA(Cons) Architecture and Planning, University of the West of England 2020 – Ongoing | Postgraduate Certificate Professional Practice and Management in Architecture (RIBA Part III Course), University of the West of England