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The site is located in Lansdown ridge, with stunning views over the World Heritage City. The scheme was designed to take full advantage of these views and to the adjacent green belt. FCB Studios worked with Camlin’s and the Skanska development team to design a scheme which maximises the views and integrates with the landscape.

The site extends to 4.1 acres and the development consists of 39 homes, 26 Houses and 13 Apartments. The site was purchased unconditionally from the MOD in 2011, at this stage the site had the benefit of a SPD, although this was not adopted and the site was not allocated for housing.

The Studio Hive team led the planning process and achieved a planning approval via delegated powers within 12 months on an unallocated site in Bath – unheard of!

Studio HIVE role

Once Skanska made the decision to exit the residential market our role was to dispose of the site. We subsequently sold the site with detailed planning consent to Kersfield Developments in November 2014.

We are retained by Kersfield Developments to deliver the project and we are targeting completion of phase 1 in June 2016 and phase 2 will follow 12 months thereafter.

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